Nice to meet you.
I am Marcelo Duran.

I am a chief executive officer with strong operational, administrative, and financial skills in small-medium entrepreneurial companies. I am a pediatric and adult neurological diagnostic technologist with a proven track record in leadership, accreditation, team building, acquisitions, and finance. Skilled in managing crisis, turnarounds, market growth, strategic planning, risk management, and human resource administration, my passion for cars is fueled with a well rounded background.

I quickly fell in love with racing and fast cars as a child. I remember getting behind the wheel of my father’s Foxbody Mustang as a child and revving it, falling in love with such a powerful machine. As a young adult, I followed my passion for performance automotive and learned the inns and outs starting with modifying Hondas and domestic muscle cars. Eventually, after determination and refusing to just be average, I surrounded myself with the 0260 collection, a collection of cars including a Lamborghini, Nissan GTRs, multiple Cadillacs, and more. My love for cars is limitless.

My family is everything. Welcome to the family.